Super Za deals for the Super Bowl

Planning a Super Bowl party? Let Za help you with some Super ‘za 

Za is offering 2 big deals for the big game!

For up to 6 people 3 pizzas and 2 salads $49.00

For up to 12 people 6 pizzas and 4 salads  $95.00

2 ways to order:

Option 1:
Order your pizzas fully cooked and cut, pick them up just before the game or at halftime.

Option 2:
Order your pizzas ahead of time, 1/2 cooked, not sliced and chilled.  Pick them up earlier in the day, without missing any of the pre-game.  Follow the instructions on this link for the best way to finish cooking them.  This way you can eat hot crisp ‘za at your convenience. (This is what I do!)

Offer details: Available at both locations for take out only, to be picked up on Saturday, February 3, or Sunday, February 4, 2018. Tomato and cheese pizzas are limited to 2 toppings per pizza. Specialty pizzas are as is. Additional toppings are available for an additional cost. Be sure to mention Super Bowl deal when placing order.
Za,138 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington  781-316-2334

Za, 350 Third Street, Cambridge  617-452-9292

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