New Exhibition @13Forest Gallery, Mia Cross: Second Skin

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Mia Cross: Second Skin, an exhibition featuring the work of Mia Cross.
Last September we celebrated 13FOREST Gallery’s tenth anniversary with TENFOLD, an exhibition featuring nine artists who have grown with us over the past ten years, and one new artist who will help us continue to grow in the future. Our summer exhibition highlights the development of that new artist, Mia Cross, since her introduction in TENFOLD.
After finishing her degree in painting and sculpture at Boston University in 2014, Cross began establishing her artistic practice. She was awarded multiple prestigious residencies, and has been curating group shows and exhibiting in numerous art spaces. Cross’s captivating figures drew us to her last year for TENFOLD, and her continued experiments with color and form have kept us intrigued. We are excited to showcase her burgeoning career with a solo exhibition, Mia Cross: Second Skin.
Cross’ recent work dissects some of the most elemental concerns of an artist: color and human figures. She is particularly interested in how color relationships play out on the faces of her subjects. Isolating individual shades found in the delicate skin around the eye and weaving them into new designs, Cross encourages the viewer to question how we perceive skin. How are the identity implications of skin affected when it is separated from the body and broken down into its tonal components?
Cross further questions our perception of skin by altering it completely in some of her pieces, exchanging familiar fleshy pigments for energetic floral patterns. She extends this exploration to her sculptural work as well, creating new skin for her models with vibrant textiles and painted canvas. By playing with the tones and patterns on the human body, Cross allows us to imagine what would happen if someone was given new flesh.
13FOREST Gallery will host a reception to mark the opening of Mia Cross: Second Skin on Saturday July 15, from 4 to 6 pm.
MIA CROSS: SECOND SKIN, July 15 – September 8, 2017. On view at 167A Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474.