New Exhibition @13Forest Gallery: Curiosities

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Curiosities, an exhibition featuring the illustrations of Caitlin DuennebierMark LuiggiErin MacEachern, and Steve Mardo.

 “In a visual culture dominated by photography, illustration provides a deliciously different way to see the world.” – Rob Alderson, World Illustration Awards Judge

13FOREST Gallery is getting a fresh perspective through our exhibition Curiosities, which showcases the work of four illustrators. Each artist offers their unique take on humanity and how we interact with each other and our environments. Through quirky characters and beguiling vignettes, the illustrations in Curiosities reflect facets of the human experience in a thought-provoking and amusing manner.

During difficult times, we can turn to art to help us appreciate the human spirit that unites us. The illustrations on display give us the opportunity to consider the humor, vulnerability, and foibles that define our relationships with ourselves and our communities. Take a moment to delight in life’s little absurdities with Curiosities.

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