New @13Forest Gallery: View into the Fertile Country

May 19 – July 13, 2018

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present View into the Fertile Country, an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Nicole Duennebier.

The work on display expands the scope of Duennebier’s artistic pursuits, leaving behind the dense intimacy of her previous paintings to introduce compelling new vistas that establish the broader universe her work occupies.

Duennebier is perhaps best known for her still lifes that draw on the conventions of Baroque painting to present fantastic biologic forms. With this new series of work Duennebier strives to open up her aesthetic repertoire, trading the heavy chiaroscuro of her earlier paintings for a palette that gives her uncanny terrain an airy lightness. Rich with detail, her compositions offer distant waves, bits of projected light, caves and hollows, and perplexing organisms. Duennebier’s intention is to create an entire world that the viewer can inhabit: “I want people to come across my work and somehow get caught in it. Details and resting spots allow that to happen.”

The drawings included in View into the Fertile Country are among the first Duennebier is presenting as final works. The starkness of black and white ink on tan paper highlights the immediacy and nakedness of Duennebier’s mark making. While painting presents endless opportunities for revision, for Duennebier “there’s no place to hide in drawing. When a line is there, it’s there…no turning back.” Duennebier’s drive to challenge herself artistically is revealed through the environments she composes with her meticulous imagery.

Duennebier embarks on a new mode of visual expression with View into the Fertile Country, and through the power of a potent imagination presents a world ready to explore.

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