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Mini March Lion Painting

March can come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb. Let’s embrace the unpredictability of our New England weather with this mini lion painting. Follow our easy step by step lion-face drawing and paint your own mini lion on a 3”x3” canvas with optional display easel. $15pp

Sun Lantern

We’re out of the dark! Let’s celebrate the extra hour of evening sunlight with this special Sun Lantern project. Decorate a paper lantern with cut tissue shapes or create your own design!

Over the Rainbow

Create your own lucky Saint Patrick’s Day rainbow this weekend at Artbeat! You can choose to make a rainbow sand painting, paint a large mache rainbow, or make a lucky rainbow pillow.

Painted Mushrooms

Spring has just about sprung! Celebrate new growth and perhaps make a little garden decoration by painting one of our adorable wooden mushrooms. You can make it pop with crazy colors or blend in with natural earth tones.

Tuesday 3/26 & 4/4

Learn the ancient Ukrainian art of decorating eggs, or pysanky, in this class with Karin Turer. You’ll learn how to use wax-resist to draw meaningful symbols on real eggs, and use deep, rich dyes to create joyful designs that speak to you. Class fee of $25pp includes all materials. Pysanky kits, dyes, and tools also available for purchase.

Karin has been creating pysanky since age 8, when her mother passed along the hobby to her. Although at heart she loves the intricate traditional pysanky designs, she’s always excited to add personal touches such as mockingbirds and loons or backhoes and firetrucks for her now 7-year old son. She has been teaching friends for years and is excited to share her craft with more people.

Call 781-646-2200 to reserve your seats

Spring Fairy Cottages

It’s officially spring! As the ground thaws, the fairies return. Create a lovely little fairy cottage box with felt grass, flowers, stones and jewels. The perfect welcome home for the fairies. $15pp

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