Gesture at 13Forest Gallery

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Gesture, an exhibition featuring the work of Linda Cordner, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Susan Richards, and Lynda Schlosberg.

Each of the artists in Gesture takes a distinctive approach toward abstracting views of the natural world. In their signature styles they interpret ephemeral or imperceptible elements of nature, offering concrete representations of what is typically more felt than seen.

Manipulating the unique properties of wax, Cordner creates hazy fields of color that give the impression of landscape and sky perceived through the lens of memory. Fitzgerald opts for dynamic brushstrokes that evoke the energy and vitality of the land and sea, while Richards simplifies the form of rocks and minerals to vibrant color and graphic shapes that capture their underlying geometry. Schlosberg’s paintings burst with flowing forms and undulating lines that visualize the waves of electromagnetic energy that fill the space around us.

The works in this exhibition are assembled to demonstrate ways in which abstraction can be used to manifest unique perspectives while still gesturing towards physical reality.

13FOREST Gallery will host a reception to mark the opening of Gesture on Saturday, May 13, from 4 to 6 pm.

GESTURE, May 13 – July 7, 2017. On view at 13FOREST Gallery, located at 167A Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474

Preview Gesture

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