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Shop Small and Tax Free This Weekend!

This weekend, shoppers across the Massachusetts will get a chance to save a on their purchases as the state temporarily suspends the sales tax. The sales tax holiday, is in full effect at Arlington’s Capitol square businesses. Due to recent construction around the area, we all could use your support this weekend, come on down!

From Awesome to Zippity

The construction in Capitol Square (widening sidewalks, repairing the roadway) is moving along quickly! To say that businesses are OPEN during construction is an understatement.. As you can see from this…
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Summer Art Fun at Artbeat

Relax with Art this summer! Whether you have hours of free time or just a few moments each week, you can have an easy experience with art that will bring…
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DOUBLE VISION @13Forest Gallery!

Double Vision explores the breadth of 13FOREST’s rotating collection through the pairing of new with older works from a selection of our exhibiting artists. Presented in two rounds over the…
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May-June Workshops at Artbeat

May and June bring special days to think about moms, dads, and teachers. These featured workshops offer ways for kids to make meaningful personal gifts for family and friends. Projects…
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Snapshot @13Forest Gallery

Snapshot Paintings and monotypes by Beth Dacey and Andrew Fish

This exhibit explores some of the complexities between painterly practice and the instant gratification of image making today. Beth Dacey and Andrew Fish, the two featured artists, make use of…
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