Quebrada Baking Co.

Quebrada Baking Company is a family owned bakery in Belmont, Arlington and Wellesley, MA that is dedicated to fresh baking. For us that means never using high fructose corn syrup sweeteners or trans-fat ingredients in our baked goods.

Come in and experience the joy of world-class breakfast baked goods, and barista coffees and teas. Let your eyes linger over shelves brimming with distinctive petite desserts and delicious cookies. Delight in rich cakes and cupcakes, beautifully decorated to your order. Savor enticing aromas reminiscent of European corner bakeries or the family kitchen, where ‘fresh, fresh, fresh’ is a way of life.

Ever aware of changing customer tastes and preferences, we constantly refine and evolve the Quebrada tradition to create a baked goods legacy embracing old-world goodness and exacting artisan preparation. Today this includes custom-decorated cakes and cupcakes, croissants and muffins, classic cookies and petite desserts, along with sandwich loaf breads, Challah, Swedish Cardamom, and Irish Soda Breads.

Come by Quebrada Baking Co. and let us show you how delicious truly fresh baking is!