Lotus Yoga Studio

At Lotus Yoga Studio we embrace the eight limbs of yoga in everything we do; valuing honesty, compassion, integrity, and standing up for our beliefs. We also deeply value silliness, fun, and not taking life too seriously. Lotus Yoga values giving back and sharing knowledge. We embody these values by:

Giving back to the community through

Free Yoga Project
Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and local public schools
Re-Yoga donation program: donates gently used yoga mats, props and clothing to communities we teach in that don’t have the means to purchase what is needed for yoga classes
Making eco-friendly studio choices:

Using Jade Yoga products which plants a tree for all mats, straps and blocks purchased and uses sustainable and renewable materials
Encouraging the use of refillable water bottles to reduce waste
Recycling and repurposing materials -including the large Lotus Yoga Studio sign!
Using eco-friendly products in the studio
Welcoming all genders, religions, races and body types. We embrace the individual and encourage self-expression
Inspiring personal growth by emphasizing mindfulness, self-reflection and self-acceptance
Our motto is simple: Do Yoga. Be Happy.