Adventure Pub


Adventure Pub, in a few words, is a Gastro-Gaming Pub. What’s that? We’ll break the bits down for you. gastropub or gastrolounge is a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food. We have a seasonal menu centered around fresh flavorful ingredients made in-house by our Head Chef Jason Smith, a graduate of Johnson and Wales Culinary Arts. Our focus is small plates that can be passed and shared with family and friends in the style of Spanish Tapas or Japanese Izakaya, while sitting around a table with your favorite game.

The second part of this pub is all about gaming. Our pub has a library of tabletop games for all ages that you can play while hanging out. Need somewhere to take the kids after school for a snack? Want a family game night but don’t have space for your own library? Need somewhere unique to go on date night? You can even rent out a small private dining room for your monthly D&D (Or similar RPG session)! And for those interested in larger group Immersive Game and Storytelling experiences, we have special events that blur the line between Interactive Theatre, Escape Rooms and Live Action Role Play. Our founder and general manager has produced these events through her company Incantrix Productions.

We look forward to seeing you at Adventure Pub!

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