13Forest Presents: State of the Union

Dorothea Van Camp, Frosty Heart, screen printed oil and wax on linen over panel

September 23 – November 11, 2017

The exhibition Transition of Power: 2017 responded directly to the surprising events of the 2016 presidential election and the uncertainty many people felt in the wake of its unforeseen results. The work in Transition of Power: 2017 highlighted the issues most urgent in the minds of the American public, from immigration and health care to the Electoral College, raising many questions that would hopefully be answered after the inauguration.

Nine months into the new administration, those answers remain largely unknown. With political divisions growing increasingly stark, many Americans have been struggling with the realization that as a country we do not know ourselves as well as we had thought.

With political chaos threatening to become the new normal, 13FOREST has decided once again to turn to artists for help in understanding this time of unrest. State of the Union captures the spirit of the United States in 2017, revealing the internal lives of Americans during this period of increased social and political upheaval. The artists featured in State of the Union give shape to the turbulent emotions that dominate our historical moment, providing some much needed perspective on the reality of our political situation.

State of the Union features the work of Andrew FishJoe KeinbergerTed OllierCory Munro SheaDorothea Van Camp, and James Weinberg.

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